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Multi color silk screen printing machine for T-Shirts

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* Auto Screen Printing Machine for T-Shirts   

 Model: DS-FAH 6 Color  
 Printing Table: 26 sets  
 Printing Head: 3 head( 1 head/ 2 color.)  
 Drying platform: 6 sets(1Color/1 Dry)  
 Printing Speed: 400~500 Sheet/Hour  
 Printing size : Max 400mm x 500mm   
 Printing die size: Max 500mm x 600mm  
 Dry size: Max 600mm x 700mm  
 Printing Head Motor: AC 220 V x 3p x 50/60Hz x 0.4kw  
 Speed Control: Servo drive control and inverter control  
 Main Electric: AC 220V x 38kw x 50/60Hz  
 Air pressure: 6~7 kg/츠  
 Machine size: Refer attached lay-out of the machine.
 Price: USD135,000.- FOB Korea